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You have the best service EVER!!!! We have been out full time in our Tiffen Coach with our Nature’s Head toilet for a year now, and we love the freedom it gives us!!! No RV Parks for us!!! We did recently use 303 Protectant on the interior working parts and wow! was it ever easy to clean next time!!! Thank you again for your fantastic service!!! Until next time… ~ Mike and Sandy M.

Received my unit and let me tell you, it rocked my world! Thank you. ~ Alain D., CA

Purchasing two of your composting toilets was the best upgrade to our 2013 Bounder 35k. After a year of listening to our Vacu-assist toilet every time we flushed, putting up with the high use of water and emptying the tanks far to often, and of course the maintenance issues associated with the entire system, we are so pleased to be using your simple, carefree Nature’s Head toilets in our RV. We closed off our black tank and installed two Nature’s Head toilets. So much easier than and cleaner than those traditional RV toilets. No smell, easy change over of media, and quiet! ~~ Gary G., full-time RVer

We have had our Nature’s Head toilet for about seven months now, and it is fantastic!! We live in our 28’ Tiffen Allegro Motor Coach and it is perfect for our boondocking or wild camping style of life!! When the wire broke on the fan, a simple email to the company had us two new ones in the mail (at NO charge!). We love our Nature’s Head composting toilet and thank you so very much for the great service!! Mike & Sandy M., AL

I wanted to thank you for a great product. My husband and I purchased a Nature’s Head toilet for our RV after reading the reviews. Because we will be doing a great deal of boondocking over the next few years, we knew we did not want to have to worry about the black tank filling up or even having to bother with dumping it. Your product solved the problem. Installation was so easy. We tapped into the black tank vent pipe and had power from the existing electric flush toilet. After a two week trip we recently took, we were AMAZED. The toilet is so easy to use and there is ABSOLUTELY NO SMELL. We emptied the urine collection tank every other day whether it was full or not, which may have helped with odor control as well. What a great toilet and a great company. Thanks Nature’s Head! ~~ Leah S., NC

This is the best product that I have ever bought! I live in the mountains and have been using an outhouse for 20 years. Last fall I bought this toilet, what a life changer! No more walking in the snow at 20 below zero! There is no odor and it is very simple to clean. ~~ Bob

We have had our composting toilet for almost two years now and are still very happy with it! We live full time in a stilted house in a tidal slough on a river, so there are not a lot of sewage options. This allows us to live carefully and problem free, with very little ecological impact in our tiny community. Our neighbours are all following suit as well! It is so easy to care for, and the only problem we’ve had was the handle breaking (replaced it with the spider handle) and the little fan shorting out ( you sent us a new one right away) I cannot say enough good things about the product or the service! So a long overdue thank you to you all at Nature’s Head! ~~ Leanne and Tom C.

Just wanted you to know its been the best money I have spent on my RV. Only problem I have had was we broke wires on our fan. Talked with Larry and he is sending me one out. Thanks for the great product and excellent support. ~~ Larry M., Florida

I talk your product up all the time and have shown my set up to lots of people. It’s definitely the best improvement to a sailboat since the gps….and my wife likes it even more than me! ~~ Dave W., FL

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