Photo showing some places a Nature's Head can be used.

Our Customers Write ...

I love my Nature’s Head … and so does the woman who bought my tiny house. I bought mine several years ago and used it in my tiny house which is featured by Deek Diedricksen on his ‘’ YouTube sites. I firmly believe it’s the best approach out there. ~~ Doug I.

Larry, thanks for sending the ‘tips’. Quite fond of the toilet and feel good about reducing water because of the Natures Head composting toilet. Plan to continue sharing with others how I benefit and think your tips will help me spread the message! ~~ Greg P.

I love my composting toilet. I use it in my Kimberley Kruiser (trailer.) we have used it for two trips and find it a superior alternative than any other alternatives. ~~ David S., CA

Thanks for the news letter, you have an outstanding product! We have the toilet in our 5th wheel and we love it. I even took out urine bottle and piped directly to the plumbing in “basement”, so now it is even better!! ~~ Rick & Linda E., IA

Just wanted to send a special Thank You to you for sending me and a new fan unit for my head. My husband installed them last weekend and all is working great! We are very happy with our toilet and your incredible customer service. ~~ Janet H. MI

This was the perfect application for my off grid cabin cabin in N.C. I’m on a creek and would have to bore under the road to have a septic tank. Fantastic product.Thank you!!! ~ Shep B., NC

Your service is even more awesome than your product! Thank You Larry. ~ Pat N., WA

We have installed the Nature’s Head composting toilet in our remote cabana and are very satisfied with it. The Nature’s Head composting toilet is fantastic compared to others we have seen and used. Easy to use, empty and clean. ~ Dennis O., FL

I received the fans yesterday! Thank you so much for the great customer service! We are actually having friends over to the cabin this weekend and I thought there was no way that I could get the toilet fixed by then. You folks made my day, and I will sing your praises to everybody I know. I just really can’t believe that level of customer service, you guys are awesome!!!! Thanks again. ~ John C., NJ

My family purchased a Nature’s Head toilet this summer. My sister lives near the headquarters and drove over to pick it up. She was able to meet Larry personally and she reported that he was exceptionally helpful and a very nice person. We chose the Nature’s Head after much research since our remote cabin in Canada was in need of a new outhouse to replace the ancient 2-holer our grandparents had built. The composting feature of the Nature’s Head allowed me to build the new structure just outside of the cabin rather than out in the woods as the old outhouse had been. The ladies will appreciate that! I didn’t wish to deal with the urine diverter container so we dug a pit, put a holey container in it, filled it with stone, sand and charcoal. It works great. I covered the hose coming off of the diverter with a slotted piece of 2 inch pvc. The toilet works as advertised and we are more than pleased. ~ Steve R., TN

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