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We have enjoyed the Natures Head for several weeks as a couple and about 10 days with our daughter and son-in-law aboard and we are all very happy. We expected to like the composting head, but we did not realize how much drier the boat would be without the hoses, the toilet, and the pumping fixtures. Even after significant rain, the boat is drier and dries much faster. The mushroom vent is perfect and the fan is quiet and not noticed by any of us.
Sam and Karen H.
Congratulations...we have tried every composting toilet out there in our 30-odd years of living without a septic system...and Nature's Head is absolutely the best there is...and almost half the price of some others!
Jan J.
... a big thank you from us. I will continue spreading the good word about your great product. We belong to a good size club and many members have camps similar to the one we have with the old outhouse the only means of relief from natures call. One of the best parts of the deal is we make it in the USA and the people that make it stand behind it.
Jake T., Pennsylvania
I just completed a 2 month cruise to Key West, Bimini, and back to Alabama . No head regulation hassles, no smells, 20 gal extra fuel tank in place of holding tank came in very handy. When I changed out the peat moss in the Keys it smelled like potting soil. Very happy. Thanks again.
Michael H., Alabama
I have had my Nature's Head installed on my boat for a couple of years now, and am extremely happy with it. NO smell, even at the outside vent all I can smell is peat moss. The composting action is very good. (separating the urine is the key to proper composting) It is also very gratifying to listen to my neighbors in the marina complain about their holding tanks, pump flush toilets....and one guy who's fancy vacuum flush y valves failed on a week long trip! Nothing to go wrong with the Nature's Head...I love it!
Peter C., British Columbia
My toilet has been operational for over a month and works perfectly..hold it to your nose and almost smells like a rose!! It is installed in my cabin which is off the grid. For ventilation, I have the original fan powered by the transformer to the gas powered electric wired system and most times it is vented by a solar vent fan on the end of the vertical stink pipe. Everyone who sees it marvels at its small footpath...Thanks for a great system.
Steven D.
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