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Credit where credit is due. Nature's Head needs to be recognized in this category. When we have questions they are "Johnny on the spot" helping out. Our little circulation fan died and they sent us a replacement and a spare at no charge. We have used our Nature's Head for our extended cruises for several years. We have been able to use it even when on the hard while living aboard and working on boat projects. We cannot say how much we appreciate not having to climb down a ladder in the dark or during a storm to hike to the nearest head. We never have holding tank issues or hose and tank odors. We never have a plugged or leaking head. We never have to search for or schedule around a pump-out. We are happy campers!
R. Good, SV "Submit"
My wife and I purchased one of your composting toilets, following a good bit of on-line research, for our newly acquired off the grid forest cabin. I was skeptical as one could imagine and have now rated this toilet as one of the best purchases we have made for our cabin. It has performed flawlessly and exactly as advertised. I have emptied it and cleaned it only once in the past year and the longer it sets the better it gets! I perform more maintenance on the liquid bottle than anything else and that only consists of regular emptying and cleaning/deodorizing. It's enjoyable in a humorous kind of way to instruct guests on the proper use of the toilet which is now second nature to us regular users! Great being able to support an Ohio company as well.
K. Karns, Ohio
I am a 70-year-old woman, weighing 95 pounds. In September 2012 I bought a Tiger Bengal motor home fitted with a Nature's Head composting toilet. Since that time this has been my full-time home. In spite of my fears (What if I get urine in the solids chamber? How can I explain it to my guests? What will people think about my carrying a month's worth of waste along? Surely, it will smell bad!), I have found the composting toilet to work beautifully with no smell, even though I use it full-time and through the cold Washington winters. The only problem I have had was odor from the urine bottle when I took it out to dump it, but that has been easily solved by adding two cups of white vinegar to the bottle. I have to dump the bottle once every two or three days. Explaining the use of the toilet to my guests has turned out to be no problem, and I have never gotten urine into the composting chamber; the separation mechanism of the toilet is very well designed. If you use your Nature's Head in the winter, though, be sure to stock up on peat moss during the growing season before the stores run out; you may not be able to find any in the winter months! I am so pleased with this toilet that I plan to purchase another to put in my barn/workshop.
Kathryn L., WA
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