Photo showing some places a Nature's Head can be used.

About Nature's Head, Inc.

Where We Are

Nature’s Head, Inc. is located in Findlay, Ohio (sales and service) and Saraland, Alabama (accounting).
We have distributors located throughout the United States and Canada as well as in Europe and Australia. All of the components for the toilet, except for the fan, are manufactured and assembled in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

How to Reach Us

By Phone: 251-295-3043
By Email:
By Mail: 2716 N Main Street, Suite 5, Findlay, OH 45840

Our Promise

We will always strive to come to a solution for you. We are committed to continue serving our customers with extraordinary care whenever they need assistance. For this, we were the first to offer a 5-year warranty on composting toilets of this type.

The Story of Nature’s Head

Nature's Head Early PrototypeThis toilet or head, (the marine term for toilet) was designed in 2006 by two long time sailors who sought to create a more user friendly version than anything else on the market. While we designed our product to withstand the harsh marine environment, it can be used anywhere you need a toilet, especially anywhere that plumbing or electricity is difficult or non-existent.

Since that time, the toilet has undergone some modifications and enhancements, including the spider handle for the agitator which was introduced in 2011.

We sold our first Nature’s Head Composting Toilet in 2007. The number of units sold now measures in the tens of thousands — to owners of homes, tiny homes, cabins, boats, campers, rv’s, workshops, barns, yurts, survival shelters, as well as to the US Military.