Photo showing some places a Nature's Head can be used.

Our Customers Write ...

Our cabin is very close to the lake so we can’t have a septic tank. Composting toilets are the only option, and an excellent option. The installation went very quick and smooth! We’ve had it in for a couple of days now. So far we are very happy with it. ~~ Cynthia S., ME

Installed in our cabin bathroom addition. Easily installed and lives up to it’s description. We are very pleased with our choice. ~~ Bill W., MO

We are always awed by the customer service that your company gives! As full-time humanitarian workers living in an RV, we appreciate having a supportive and great vendor. ~~ Julia C.

I received the parts today. I would like to thank you again for going above and beyond by sending me these. I will definitely recommend your company to others for selling a quality product and having excellent customer service. ~~ Jeremy S.

Just a note to say that I have completed the installation of my first composting toilet, your toilet. This a great fit for us at this time and a really good quality product it is. As someone in the building trades for many years, I can tell this is a winner. It’s simple, straight forward, utilizes the the kind of principles I want to practice is this new world we’re conservation is no longer an option. But beyond all of that, I appreciate the work your company has done to deliver a fine product. I seems costly at first glance, but when I think about what this will accomplish over time, it seems very reasonable. Anyway I just wanted you know that you have made us happy. Thank you. ~~ Chalise D.

We love our nature’s head !! but even more we love the service we received from this company! ready to answer questions, ready to offer help, very nice !! thank you natures head, (and you made a great product too ) Janice W. ~ ID

We love our Nature’s Head! We live fulltime in our 5th wheel, doing the RV homesteading thing… We’re permanently parked and skirted, and fully winterized for even the harshest Canadian winters. We’re living “the dream” 24/7, 365 days/year in our 35ft 5th wheel, and loving it!

I removed all our tanks, replacing the RV toilet with the Nature’s Head. I re-plumbed the NH’s pee exit to a homemade pee trap connecting to our main grey water line that exits out to a French Pit feeding our meadow of wild flowers. We kept the original RV toilet spray wand (as we’re hooked up to a well), and use it to give a quick refresh/spray after a pee. With just the 2 of us, we empty the solids and peat moss mixture every few weeks into a biodegradable bag, for further composting in the local dump. It’s surprisingly composted already and far more sanitary in any landfill site than any baby diapers, etc.

I researched them all before buying and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Nature’s Head!!! It’s the simplest and best concept, that’s not only affordable, but works fantastic, too! It’s perfect for anyone doing the RV Homesteading or Tiny Home thing! ~~ Daryl S.

We love our new dry composting toliet! Best investment we could have made for our tiny house. ~~ Coral G., CA

We have our Natures head toilet for a few years be more pleased now and couldn’t with its performance and reliability. Recently we had a very small problem so we contacted the maker. We explained the problem and a solution to the problem was in the Mail box two days later. We are very pleased with the toilet and the great service we got when we contacted Natures head. If more companies offered super service and the great product they have American factories would never close. ~~ Jake & Rita, PA

We could not be happier with the compost toilet from Nature’s Head! This was a great solution for our cabin. We have an outhouse, but so much more convenient with 3 little girls to have a toilet inside the cabin. This is our first summer with the compost toilet and so far we are up to 50 “deposits” in the solids bin and going strong. We have no bad smell inside whatsoever! Really an amazing and well built product. No hesitation at all in giving this the highest possible recommendation. Other positive reviews were well-deserved. ~~ Jeffrey C., PA

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