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This is a wonderful product. I have been using in a vacation rental .for several months now. The toilet stays clean and has no smell. It is very easy to dispose of the waste. The plastic material that it is made of is of very high quality. Seeing that it is Coast Guard approved, getting the county to approve its use is MUCH easier than a homemade version. My guests give us great reviews pertaining to the toilet as well. I was nervous that it would get dirty because it is water-less, but it stays cleaner than a traditional toilet. I highly recommend this purchase. It feels good to know that so much water is being saved. I plan on purchasing more. ~~ Logan M., WA

I was introduced to Nature’s Head at a Tiny House Roadshow last September, and it seemed to good to be true. It is even BETTER than I had hoped! The only thing about living tiny that made me nervous was the toilet situation. I had nothing to fear, because this toilet ROCKS! To me, it is way better than a traditional toilet. NO SMELL. I repeat…NO SMELL EVER! It’s the perfect height, extremely comfortable, sturdy, super easy to use and to clean and it’s attractive. Guests are a little nervous at first, but once they use it, they too are sold. I love everything about it, and I think everyone should have one. This toilet is worth it’s weight in gold! ~~ Jennifer S. KY

These toilets are amazing, we bought 3 of them for a house we are building in NY. I installed one of them so far and it has been used just about ever day for the past month and on the average of 3 times a day. I have changed it 3 time so far and I was shock when I changed it, it took 5 minutes and there was little to any smell at all. The funny part it was used about 10 hours befor changing it. I would Highly recomend these for any one. … Thanks Natures Head you are a 5 Star company. ~~ Albert M. NY

We’ve had and used ours for 2 + years exclusively every day- I love it!!! However, there is NO WAY to get 60-80 uses before emptying it- please get real! The two of us get 10- 12 days between refills and that’s about 20 to maybe 30 “uses”. We are average sized adults- me 5’10” 180 lbs and wife is only 5’ 1” 105 lbs. As for the refilling- we are clean freaks so we spray out/wash containers every time before refilling it – no big deal and very quick/easy. As for the liquid dumping, we do it once a day about 75-80% full- again unless you are a child and drink no liquids there is NO WAY to go 3 days- maybe 2 but you do not want to overflow. Also again, quick and simple and very easy to dump then quickly hose rinse anyway. Honestly, fantastic product- really no smell and VERY EASY to use- love it!!! Just do not get your expectations on 60-80 uses on solids and 3-4 days on liquids- impossible unless you use other facilities too (we don’t) or if you are a bird. ~ Kevin S,. CA

Bought the RV around October 2016, and it already had the Natures Head composting toilet in it. We were totally unfamiliar with the use of it, but had the manual and went for it. Very happy with it, plan to go off grid. Called customer service June 2017, because the fan went out, they are sending me a fan and adapter!!! Great customer service, Larry, in OHIO!! ~~ Cindy S. GA

We love our new composting toilet. We have had it installed in our Thor Quantum GR22 for about 1 or 2 months now. It’s worked perfectly and does not smell at all. The installation went fairly easily, but we watched YouTube videos done by The Motor Home Experiment and Gone with the Wynns, which helped us considerably. We have camped at least four weekends with it, but we will be moving into our camper full time in a few weeks. We highly recommend it — no more black tank to empty! ~~ Monica O., FL

I purchased my composting toilet last Spring to have at my rustic lakefront cabin. I am so pleased as it is the perfect addition to my property as my cabin does not have indoor plumbing. I will email pix when I return to camp this spring. I very much enjoy receiving your informative newsletters. Thank you. ~~ Rita, NY

I don’t usually respond to a company about their products, but after using the composting toilet I purchased from you, I need to say something. Simply put, it is clean, serviceable, easy to use (both during and after), and it doesn’t look like an indoor outhouse. My compliments on a well engineered product. My home is in the ——— National Forest in ———— California and Forest Service policies required that we delete our septic systems and install compost toilets. Unfortunately, when the policy came out, I purchased an Envirolet toilet – - the 12 volt model. It was the most expensive, the most disgusting, and the most poorly engineered piece of junk imaginable. After fighting with it for a year, and communicating with the manufacturer repeatedly to make it work, I finally resorted to a wet/dry vacuum to clean it out – - and delivered it to the dump. So, I thank you for doing it right. I would still prefer an ordinary toilet, but I am happy with the Nature’s Head toilet and I pass on my experience with the previous compost toilet to prevent my neighbor’s from having the same experience I had. Thanks agai. ~~ Mike M. CA

Natures Head is such a simple and elegant solution for lack of plumbing. So much easier than the huge and clumsy drum type composting toilet we tried previously. I’m impressed with the simple,easy to clean construction,and how effortless it is to use,with everything going where it’s supposed to. I highly recommend this product to anyone with space or plumbing limitations. ~~ Arlene G. Maine

Mounted this unit in place of a chamber toilet beside my 91 year old mothers bed. I don’t have words to describe how well this composting toilet works and how much easier it is to service without the unpleasant odor and chore of emptying the old system. Can’t say enough praise for how well this unit performs. Will surly purchase another one when I build my next tiny camper. ~~ Larry J. NC

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