Photo showing some places a Nature's Head can be used.

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i’ve been a user of good old standard toilets for sixty two years now. when i lucked in to a fabulous studio apartment in a gorgeous setting in southern Oregon, i was delighted!! then i found out that it has a composting toilet. “hmmmmm, i’m not sure i can deal with THAT, despite the myriad qualities this place has”, i thought. but the former tenant had lived here for many years with no problem, and i try to be open minded, so i moved in. This toilet is a piece of work! the craftsmanship is superb! it’s simplicity of design is brilliant—making both use and disposal quick, clean and easy. i tell people it is the BMW of toilets. or the Hasselblad, if they know cameras! it is one fine product! thank you for this and for all that you do ~~ Leslie B., OR

We purchased 2 Nature’s Head units for our Westsail 42 Ketch. After 3 years of use, we are completely satisfied. Our purchase was done via the Nature’s Head website, but we received 2 calls for the owner to make sure we got what we needed and didn’t over pay. WOW! Installation was super easy and our use of it has been easy and without problems. Our guests have found the Nature’s Head easier to use than a traditional marine head. Our installation of 2 Nature’s Heads on our boat enabled us to eliminate two 35 gallon holding tanks, many feet of smelly sanitary hose and macerator pumps, and 4 through-hull fittings. Emptying the units takes only 15 minutes and involves one 13 gallon kitchen garbage bag. Holding capacity has been very acceptable with 5 person days for liquids (2.5 days for 2 people) and 25 person days for solids. With respect to the solids capacity, we certainly could extend the time between emptying, but have chosen not to. We are very happy customers!!! ~~ Doug T., NH

I installed one of your composting toilets in my 1930 ELCO back during the summer. I’d had a head with a holding tank that was a pain to deal with, so I switched to a portable type toilet. It was an improvement in some regards, but still a pain. I was on a trip and saw the Nature’s Head at a provision company that was close by where I was docked. It fit my space so I bought it rather impulsively. It has been the best impulse purchase I’ve ever made and other than upgrading from gas to diesel, the best addition ever to the old boat. ~ Jerry P., NC

Thanks for your quick response and excellent service. Once again you product and support is way above and beyond, I stress this when ask about my composter toilet. Will never have any other head on a boat I own. You guys are the best ~~ S/V Dragonfly

I love my Nature's Head … and so does the woman who bought my tiny house. I bought mine several years ago and used it in my tiny house which is featured by Deek Diedricksen on his ‘’ YouTube sites. I firmly believe it’s the best approach out there. ~~ Doug I.

Larry, thanks for sending the ‘tips’. Quite fond of the toilet and feel good about reducing water because of the Natures Head composting toilet. Plan to continue sharing with others how I benefit and think your tips will help me spread the message! ~~ Greg P.

I love my composting toilet. I use it in my Kimberley Kruiser (trailer.) we have used it for two trips and find it a superior alternative than any other alternatives. ~~ David S., CA

Thanks for the news letter, you have an outstanding product! We have the toilet in our 5th wheel and we love it. I even took out urine bottle and piped directly to the plumbing in “basement”, so now it is even better!! ~~ Rick & Linda E., IA

Just wanted to send a special Thank You to you for sending me and a new fan unit for my head. My husband installed them last weekend and all is working great! We are very happy with our toilet and your incredible customer service. ~~ Janet H. MI

This was the perfect application for my off grid cabin cabin in N.C. I’m on a creek and would have to bore under the road to have a septic tank. Fantastic product.Thank you!!! ~ Shep B., NC

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