Photo showing some places a Nature's Head can be used.

Our Customers Write ...

Your service is even more awesome than your product! Thank You Larry. ~ Pat N., WA

We have installed the Nature’s Head composting toilet in our remote cabana and are very satisfied with it. The Nature’s Head composting toilet is fantastic compared to others we have seen and used. Easy to use, empty and clean. ~ Dennis O., FL

I received the fans yesterday! Thank you so much for the great customer service! We are actually having friends over to the cabin this weekend and I thought there was no way that I could get the toilet fixed by then. You folks made my day, and I will sing your praises to everybody I know. I just really can’t believe that level of customer service, you guys are awesome!!!! Thanks again. ~ John C., NJ

My family purchased a Nature’s Head toilet this summer. My sister lives near the headquarters and drove over to pick it up. She was able to meet Larry personally and she reported that he was exceptionally helpful and a very nice person. We chose the Nature’s Head after much research since our remote cabin in Canada was in need of a new outhouse to replace the ancient 2-holer our grandparents had built. The composting feature of the Nature’s Head allowed me to build the new structure just outside of the cabin rather than out in the woods as the old outhouse had been. The ladies will appreciate that! I didn’t wish to deal with the urine diverter container so we dug a pit, put a holey container in it, filled it with stone, sand and charcoal. It works great. I covered the hose coming off of the diverter with a slotted piece of 2 inch pvc. The toilet works as advertised and we are more than pleased. ~ Steve R., TN

We purchased a Nature’s Head composting toilet this past February (for my birthday) and installed it on our 30’ Hunter sailboat this spring. My wife and I recently spent two full weeks on our boat and had multiple visitors, some for a day and some for several days and nights. We can gladly report that we think this is the best investment we ever made in our boat. No odor issues; no need for pump outs and no challenges for our guests. Simply put, it just works! And watching other boats head to the pump out stations and struggle to figure out how things work and hoping/praying their odor problems would go away just made us even happier. We’re never going back to a holding tank world. ~ Dave C., WA

I purchased this unit last year, I live off grid so I have to haul water, this works perfect and is easy to use.I also bought a 7/8 inch rubber hose , which slips perfectly into a 1inch PVC coupler which the end of the rubber hose slips into, I then ran pvc down through the floor into a 5 foot deep hole. I used a 5 gallon bucket with a hole cut in the bottom and ran the end of the PVC through it for drainage and so bugs can’t crawl back up, I then buried it. It works great and eliminates the need to clean the jug it comes with or empty it. I just spray vinegar in it after use and once in a while pour vinegar down it for a good wash. (I got the idea from tiny home nation). Before this I used a 5 gallon bucket with toilet lid, let me tell you, what a pain, esescially in the summer it gets stinky really fast, this unit is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The customer service is top notch too, if anything happens they are very attentive and helpful, a rare occurrence. ~~ Michael S., AZ

Thanks Larry (for the new fan). Love the head. Used it throughout the Bahamas this winter and spring even without the fan working it worked well. ~~ Ethan G., NY

We ordered our NH on March 9, 2014. It was originally to gives us time to save for a septic system but forget that. We will use this one and maybe a second one in our future cabin. Two years of everyday use for two of us and occasional guests. You have a superior product. Noticed them in many Tiny Home articles. Our cabin will be 704 square feet. Thank you for a fine product. ~ Pat N., WA

I purchased a natures head composting toilet in 12/05 and I absolutely love it, it is very well designed and works without complaint…I have even recommended it to two of my friends who have since purchased one and also love it! however in 7/2016 I noticed that the fan is no longer working.
Thanks so much for sending the fan out! The toilet is up and running perfectly again! Great product! ~~ Jonathan G.,

You have the best service EVER!!!! We have been out full time in our Tiffen Coach with our Nature’s Head toilet for a year now, and we love the freedom it gives us!!! No RV Parks for us!!! We did recently use 303 Protectant on the interior working parts and wow! was it ever easy to clean next time!!! Thank you again for your fantastic service!!! Until next time… ~ Mike and Sandy M.

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