Photo showing some places a Nature's Head can be used.

Giving Back

We are pleased to be able to support these organizations who work to make our world a better place.

Unchained Movement

Unchained Movement is a national non-profit whose mission is to combat domestic sex trafficking. Child Trafficking is a huge business in the United States. A low estimate of 150,000 youth are victimized every year. Based in Tennessee, clients come from all over the nation. The organization focuses on community awareness through educational programs, large-scale experiential events, and video media production. They also provide a safe and therapeutic residential program for victims ages 18-24 and provide professional training for law enforcement, social workers, and other community leaders. Read more: Unchained Movement.

WarriorHomesteads.orgWarrior Homesteads

The mission of Warrior Homesteads is to give homeless Veterans sustainable housing on farmable land. Most homeless vets lack the support and resources that we take advantage of living within a community. Homes will be developed into self-sustaining communities where Veterans can support Veterans. Read more: Warrior Homesteads.

Operation Tiny HomeOperation Tiny Home – Tiny Home, Big Gratitude Project

A part of the Pay-It-Forward Veteran Housing Program, Austin Tiny Homes is building a tiny home in Big Spring,TX for a disabled war veteran, Robert Howland. You can read more about the project and Operation Tiny Home here. Our Planet – Wildlife
Wildlife biologists dedicating their efforts to research and conservation projects around the world, in affiliation with Non-profit Organizations, Universities, and Governments.
See Venture Biologists Projects Here and Housing
Students of Michigan State University’s School of Planning, Design and Construction are coming together to build a tiny house. The build is a collaborative effort between Interior Design, Construction Management, Urban Planning, Civil Engineering and Landscape architecture students. Proceeds from the sale of the finished house will be donated to a charity that addresses housing concerns. More Education and Land Preservation

MetroLAB will develop a caretakerís Tiny House in Adams County, OH on Kamama Prairie. This will allow caretakers to live on site while caring for the 97-acre natural preserve. With an established presence in a thoughtful, sustainable dwelling, the prairie can grow in recognition and can thrive as an educational resource and haven for all communities. More